We travel to the USA! The plan was as follows: Arrival in Washington, then New York City, take the car, we go to Niagara, then to Chicago, and from there along the legendary Route 66 crosses the country to the West Coast (Los Angeles). For everything 18 days ..

Welcome to the USA - passport control and baggage at Dulles took very little time. Friendly officer wished "to stay out of trouble". 40-minute journey in a taxi to the hotel (on Capitol Hill) by the Pentagon, Washington Monument and the Capitol itself ($ 70), and I sprawled on the couch room seemed just huge compared to the cramped cubbyhole Europe. Despite the fact that while my companions toiled idleness in the plane, and I was sleeping, after such a long journey for evening exploits forces left. However, the gathering will in a fist, we still managed to take a short incursion into Mexican restaurant nearby. Dinner was informative: experimentally established that Tachos - the meat in the tortilla with rice and a mixture of types of turd on a plate next to (actually - pureed beans) buritos - meat, rice and beans in a tortilla, fajitas - all the same only cake is served separately and have been designing their own meals. Among other things, we found that our hotel is located in a very pleasant area, with small front gardens in front of each house, with all those colorful pansies. Looks very touching.

On the way from Niagara Falls to Chicago, we spent the night in another motel, and in the morning we stopped at a small park on the shore of Michigan - Indiana Dyunz. Landscape is impressive! As big as the sea, Lake Michigan and moving sand dunes to come across here and there flowering trees. Peace and quiet! Imagine how great to come here to enjoy the sun season! Chicago could see the haze on the other side of the lake and in the distance seemed somewhat unreal ...
How ... and close, in fact! Such a number of skyscrapers, standing shoulder to shoulder, in various styles, colors and shapes - it is simply inexplicable! However, the city looks spacious. For my taste Chicago Manhattan interesting architecturally, but there's the taste and color are known.

Route 66
So, we are at the beginning of the basic idea of our trip: Route 66, the mother road dollars. Hmmm, are at the beginning - is a strong word, because in the cycle of events, we just forgot to post what started this way, with the result that an hour spent in the parking lot, trying to extract information from the bowels of the computer and navigators. Wi-Fi was out, so we prokolupalis a while until someone not occurred to connect via gprs. The result - a hip-hip-hooray! - We are on ROUTE 66! In the euphoria, a country which has been obtained at a local gas station, and happy cries of participants, we moved along the road somewhere with a half-hour. The first excitement has passed, and we have established the following: 1) The speed limit on these roads 45-55 miles per hour (in the interstitial 65-70), 2) the quality of the road surface is somewhat worse, 3) reflective markings are not widely available, 4) traffic on Highway absent, and winds through the woods and fields deserted road at night - not the greatest pleasure. In general, I share advice: a day to go through the historical route and see the sights, penetrated the atmosphere and in the dark - actively move between the most interesting points.
The morning we met in the network super 8 motel; compared with the previous two options - ride civilization. Wi-Fi flying, the rooms are clean and spacious, the breakfast in the morning, but there is that feeling of delight from contact with something distinctive and charming. When you check the night porter said he had just before he stopped on a motorcycle company from London, and in the morning went by way too 66. In general, we are not very original.
In fact, to find Highway 66 - not such a simple thing. Navigators refuse to choose it as a route - it is not a major transportation artery and had to show the wonders of wit and cleverness.
Begin of Ways 66
Our first item - Springfield, Illinois. On the way, looked into the small town of Lincoln. It, by the way, showed up first on our way brown plate «route 66", which became a beacon in this journey. Illinois! In the vain hope of a cup of coffee walked a couple of blocks, looked in the picturesque place, where at 11 am there was smoke rocker, severe local guys pumped beer and warming up to the pool. Coffee here is not served. I had to go to the main highway, where a donut talkative negro purchased a dozen donuts mix, tea and coffee (all the fun of $ 7). On the walls are decorated with photos of the owner: here it is in a flight suit, the Korean War, that his brother, married the granddaughter ... My aunt told me that institution 43 years, and it has not changed. Donuts ready at night, so in the morning they are always fresh. Because institution is located on the main street, which is part of the highway, passing by often visit here, so it is always in the middle of it. When we were called, obviously, customers and ordered six dozen donuts on Saturday. Imagine - 72 donuts! Maybe someone is celebrating a birthday or a wedding?
In Springfield as a mandatory program went to the local Capitol - is impressive. Open to the public, including - and during the meetings of the local senate. Looked Museum of Illinois - a beautiful illustration of the interactive textbook of natural history, but fun for all ages. Especially liked the stand of "How to become a fossil." Fossils are known, can be not one. It is desirable to die in a suitable environment. For example, at the bottom of the sea. But it is not a guarantee. During the life necessary to eat in a special way, to eventually turn to stone. So! On the second floor display an extraordinary Patchwork blankets. Photographed in one small variegated flower with round petals: it will be possible to put vtihushku enemies as a desktop, while on this background will find icons to go mad!
Brilliant completion of the cultural program in the city has become famous cafes (fast food) Route 66 'cozy dog drive in'. WOW! - Really comfortable. Put sausage on a stick and dipped in batter and then baked. In general, you can eat without dirtying your hands. Interior - above all praise, really colorful! We arranged a little excitement on a tray with souvenirs, attracting everyone's attention, causing Sasha became the proud owner of T-shirts and caps with the symbols of the road (which were immediately and put on), and I got hold of a book with a detailed description of the route and a free newspaper "news Highway 66" . Lena and Lech were without purchases, in compensation they will have photo with the "old hippies", the owners of establishments and Route 66 veteran Bob. By the way, Bob appeared in the hall cafe nowhere, with a cardboard plate, on which was poured fries and sausage Pritulo comfortable. In knitted hat with a gray beard, slowly chewing simple lunch, he looked, quite frankly, "in-zablezhdenie-inserting." Yes, that in such moments you realize how constrained by conventions and stereotypes of our wretched mind. Did not immediately realize what he should do, Lech, in response to a greeting Bob thought that we ought to give him a couple of dollars ... ? Bob was an amazing character, talked about the fact that he himself a pacifist, does not support the candidates for president and ordered hi other old-timers pass road, which will take us along the way. Extraordinary, soulful, very young man of the heart, it was just amazing nice chat with him about anything, as if he already knew 100 years. In addition, we got a gift card art route, and institution - a couple of words in the logbook. Scrolling through the rating, we found that 95% of travelers - Americans. We met several times tourists from the UK, Sweden and Italy. From Russia, we did not find anyone, but, in fairness, it should be noted that the album is not scrolled to the end. Well, go ahead, according to the Highway 66!
Here it is, the real American life: the neat houses of the siding, the same neat green gazonchiki around almost mandatory attribute - an American flag in the window or on the flagpole on the roof or in the yard. Many homes parked several cars, one of which is usually - quite Freaky old car! We have very good condition ..
We drove the road of red brick (not yellow, but we're not in Texas ?), winding through fields and small towns, following the brown signs to route 66 (1926-1936 or 1930-1940, stopping at your favorite places and wondering every time that the description of the route in the book exactly true. nation, it's super! Before the trip, many shook their heads and said that as the car ride - longing. authoritatively declare: true, how cool that we still have ahead of much of the way.

So, we drive it further. Frankly, the landscape on both sides of rue we soon got used to and no longer stopped at each, as described in my beautiful knizhentsiyu, sights. Boudreau having passed the remainder of the day, in the evening we got to St. Louis (Missouri), with its huge (world famous!) Arch on the banks of the Mississippi. With our luck, it was already Arch, of course, closed. But next to the park we found a pile of wedding (as naively accepted part of our team for the choir, as bridesmaids and the bride, of course, were dressed in identical suits), and then for a long time watching the steamer "Tom Sawyer", taschivshimsya the river and well, just creepy-looking in devyatnadtsativekovski. Abundance of trees, floating down the Mississippi, has led us to nemerenoe confusion: we have not been able to figure out where they were there so many? Construction of the Arch, by the way, was lobbied some lady (the first and only local Senate, as we learned from the monument after its close on the dock). Now the arch - a symbol S.Luisa. No, still we - women, people get creative! Out of nothing, as you know, manage to make candy!
Missouri. Road 66
To complete the feeling of the region it was decided to go look at what is now a pedestrian bridge Chain of Rocks, also constitute part of Route 66 is famous for its unusual shape (curvature of 22 degrees in the horizontal plane). Well, I can say that we saw the bridge, though, from a distance and in the dark. Incidentally, he is generally closed and fenced. So draw your own conclusions. Again, having a fair imagination, reason to be upset we did not find much more ? We took fire, which was raging somewhere near St. Louis. Imagine how many of these chic wheelbarrows firefighters gathered there in a pile! I hope no one was hurt. In any case, our future route ran some distance from the fire, so it was not possible to consider the details.
Night was (or rather, midnight) and we decided to look for some perky motel of the "Route 66". 10 minutes in the company of the same bedolazhnogo traveler, as we rang the bell on the door Munger Moss in Lebanon (Lebanon). I almost despaired, but met the traveler was confident and persistent, resulting in overnight were ok in this racy place which contains still other enthusiasts on the highway 66. Tomorrow will give greetings from the old hippie, say that he is still in service ? Now we go to bed in a room soaked in legend: historical photos on the walls with 66 road, and the air seems to be filled with adventure ? Good night all the way.
In the morning we said goodbye to the hostess touching Ramon, who very touched when I gave greetings from Bob. Desk - part gift shop - filled with a bunch of artifacts associated with the root, as well as models of trucks that are part of the collection owners. Especially because we were only the second Russian company that stayed in Munger Moss. Last time there was a 10 years ago, according to the hostess. In parting, Ramona embraced us (wann'a hug, too? - Check with the Smoot Leahy and Sasha, once kissed me and Lena) and would like more adventure (she was right!), And we left a note in her board magazine.
A new day, another day on the road, as For some reason we were all obsessed with the motto "forward in Albuquerque!". This is the magic word "Albuquerque" has given us a certain acceleration, as Grand Canyon, Sequoia Park, Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Las Vegas, Death Valley - they are all over Albuquerque, and we, naturally, fell out with the desire to consider all the maximum. So, we enjoyed a "beautiful ride in the hills and meadows" (the announcement of this piece of road from the guidebook) flew past Philipsburg, Marshfield, Strafford. We moved into the country, warmed. Warmed and became stifling. Finally, it began to be felt even in the heat of euphoria. Slightly to reflect and argue, we came to the conclusion that we have a problem: broken air conditioner, and ahead - Desert and Death Valley ... Yeah ... Overboard looming next Springfield (MO), and it was decided taxied to the local airport to clarify the situation in Hertz. Airport in Springfield had, Hertz at the airport - too. A charming young man sympathetically our problem and said that they, of course, Herts, but private (franchise?), And therefore can not help us, that is, the machine can not replace, and do not have the technical center. The immediate hope - Oklahoma City. Hmmm ... Well, then, see you tomorrow.
Passing Maksvil and wander at Carthage, which was a very nice little town (famous Boots Motel), we drove through Kartvil which, as promised, a sad look into the world of dusty storefronts stores, we got to Webb City, nothing, perhaps, unremarkable and typical American town. The town was empty. I mean, seemed deserted. As if the day of the Triffids, and people ran out. Several parked on a deserted street cars wide, however, indicate the presence of some form of life. The intersection of Broadway and Main Street was the center of activity. It was found only working in shop. By the way, Route 66 souvenirs. 6 years old boy at the open door smiled and invited us to come "in our store." I was devastated fueling another antique car, apparently abandoned by its owner in the lurch. As reported in the guide, there is very much "remnants of the old businesses" and "Scars of mines", we have the impression that the Webb City - one of the great balance that's old business ... As we thought about the eternal, from Broadway sounded insistent car horns. Silently, they showed us something unnatural. It was just 16-00. Swept past couple of cars and chopper. What is this? Where is the life and Encyclopedias? Answer has not been found, so if someone in the know - I will be very grateful ?
Why I took this many lines, in general, is quite unremarkable place? Because it was very touched, perhaps, its similarity to the same small town or village here, in Russia. The rise and flourishing, and then decline and oblivion. Everywhere the same, the only difference in the scale ... Do not let the bad news. In general, the funny feeling of visiting ?
Worthy continuation of the journey to Missouri was the town of Joplin. Utter clear: assholes-ling ? ? No comments

Driven by an obsession to Albuquerque, we flew corner of Kansas - a tiny segment of the highway, which had seized this state. Galena, Riverton and Baxter Springs flashed outside the windows, and we have not even captured the sign «route 66 - Kansas». That's really a shame! Although, as I read it later in his guidebook, an icon "66" in Kansas at all. Really?
Kansas Way 66

Oklahoma met us ... Miami! I fear, however, that apart from the name, this place is nothing more special does not. By the way, we have already passed, and a few Greek names (apparently regionchik was originally chosen by amateur Olympians), so that we constantly meet the twins are not surprised. In the evening got to Tulsa (Oklahoma). Had a day off (Saturday come Sunday?), And though Tulsa unlike more Webb City, a sense of "after the third world war" there was as complete and comprehensive. Where all? Huge empty parking lot, wide busy roads, lonely fountain at the church (one of the top ten, which we found on a small patch) .
Implanted into the role of a stalker, a couple of times we drove around the city center, compete in photographing pretty amazing building, painted with facade and tattered from all the other parties (the style of Art Deco, Tulsa - oil town, state, knocked together for one night and the appropriate architecture) unsuccessfully sought for "praying hands" - a monument at the university (but not tried, so do not do well), and decided to have a wander around on foot. Operation carried out in the fountain "saving bug," and numb from the stunning spectacle: past, glittering in all possible lights, flashed fire truck, it is a miracle of the American car industry! Imagine: 6 lanes, zero cars, zero people, however, there are traffic lights, and it, fire truck. Wah!
While we, as a wild, admired pozharku, we suddenly surrounded by a crowd of people dressed up and perfumed, fell out of the church. Oh! Unconsciously staring at the ladies toilets. That toilets. Not only I, as the next 20 minutes, Lena and I enthusiastically discussed their evening gowns, and then the reasons for which they can be aired. It was found that while there, but the reasons - there is no ... well, apparently, in the church of an event happening. I would think that the wedding, but did not find any newlyweds. But showed a clear massovik-joker with a microphone, which, unfortunately, its function is apparently fulfilled. Sorry, razvlekalka canceled. In general, after an hour of wandering around the city, we found where the population is hiding ? All right, triffids rest.
Conder all also did not work, and we Rushed in Oklahoma City. In this city we have associated some hope. Mainly by changing the machine, of course. Probably, there was not a day Beckham: in Hetts we arrived half an hour after the close of the service. Oops. And then began to rain. Wall. We're a little to have fun, riding up and down the city in the water, and soon this activity we got bored, and decided to move on without waiting for tomorrow. When mental rushing (Come right! No, first across the bridge! Better waterfront!) Someone passing by, touched the side of our car, so we're thrown to the curb. People did not even stop, and we are puzzled, a few minutes spent inspection for dents and scratches. Deciding that our insurance will cover everything anyway, went further; although not in such a glowing mood.
Oklahoma ways 66
But apparently, the star predicted we still communicate with the local police, and it is safely held a few hours later (thanks to me). In general, the steering wheel in the night and almost fell asleep on the run, I was fascinated by seeking out treasured inscription "motel" that at some point, just went to the oncoming lane, well done, right? Immediately (immediately) on the road out of nowhere materialized police in a car with a chandelier, and I sighed srulit the road. While he was coming, I slapped a bunch of useful tips such as sit quietly, out of the car not it safe, and then accept as aggression. As an impressionable girl, I was filled and remained quietly waiting for their fate. A police officer was friendly and polite young man asked, "Ma'am, what happened?" To say I was blown away - is nothing. After explaining the situation (dark, tired looking motel rentovannaya machine, I'm not inscribed, such as spouse), I have once again received assurances from him apologizing that he just wanted to make sure everything is fine, and I do not need help. Mommy, hold me! That's it, and believe that people live, the police and respect for her help right turn. The servant of the law in the evening decided, apparently, I finally finish, and advised to stay at another motel (there, not far), and that this "not very." Keep me again. In general, take a picture with Mr. policeman, I drive it further. In shock.
Though like the day was fine, my heart was somehow it is "not very." Apparently, no one I have, because information from Lehi that this day will be over soon, but tomorrow everything will be ok, all embraced with enthusiasm. After the second attempt, we were able to find a room at the motel and like all went to the fact that his prediction come true. But there was a knock at our room. More precisely, he knocked. Sasha. On the threshold of a great adventure looms. He came in and said sadly: "Guys, you have no chance of my passport?" End series. To be continued.

The day began with the "oh-wei" in honor of Sasha, his passport and, as it turned out, the jacket. And passport and jacket safely remained in Ramona, 500 miles ago. Calling an old lady, I knew it with certainty 100%. Felt sad. His head moved not very pleasant thought. As it turned out, on the west coast of the Russian consulate is in San Francisco, but we still do not know, have time to call you back or just go to LA. Ramona has assured us of his willingness to help, and we promise to think about how it's all done, went to lunch at the nearest restaurant. At diner could not afford to refuse the pleasure to hold a photo shoot with a red Chevy 1957 (as it turned out). The owner was clearly flattered by our interest and love demonstrated salon and the deafening roar of the engine. NDA ...
Broken cars
An important task was still replacing our vehicle. PE even with a passport could not influence our perceptions of rising temperatures, so we looked for the nearest exchange and found that of the Amarillo airport. The whole process took a couple of minutes, that's really really, one big culture shock! What happened? - The air conditioning does not work. - The machine is filled? - Yes, 30 miles back. - Ok. Leave the keys in the car, here's a new set, take the car on the spot number 189. Goodbye. Guys, we are still probably quite wild. This global trust just cuts down to the ground ...